Helena Sue Martin courtesy of Community Impact

“Hi There” is a 16-foot mural by Austin-based muralist Helena Sue Martin. Featuring an inquisitive golden-cheeked warbler and the simple expression “hi there” the mural invites the viewer into conversation with the oversized bird. Martin specifically chose to paint a golden-cheeked warbler as it is native to Central Texas and on the endangered species list of Texas. The warbler’s golden head against a vibrant blue sky makes the work a bright spot in the Hill Country Galleria

Martin’s murals, which typically feature flora, fauna, and portraits, can be found throughout Austin and beyond. She also teaches art workshops through the nonprofit Mural Project.

Avery Orendorf

“Bijou the Bee” by artist and illustrator Avery Orendorf of Avery O Design, is one the newest murals to grace the walls of the Hill Country Galleria. The four panels of “Bijou the Bee” feature greenery, florals, and a bee to represent Bee Cave. Depicted with clean lines and vibrant colors, Orendorf’s background in illustration is apparent. With this illustrative style and multi-panel format the mural reads almost like picture book or graphic novel.

Orendorf is a self-taught illustrator and muralist who started her career in the non-profit world. She has worked with numerous companies including Google, Yeti, and Cholula Hot Sauce to create murals in her clean, bright, and graphic signature style.

J Muzacz

“Las Flores de Tejas y Abejas Mexicanas” is a mosaic mural created by J Muzacz with the assistance of Yuki Takata, Ayaka Kawashima, Carmen Rangel, Alison Skinner, Mason Lackey, and Daniel Goodwin. Muzacz is a painter, public artist, and educator whose work can be seen internationally. He is also the co-founder of The Mosaic Workshop which offers small, group, workshops on the basics of mosaic techniques.

The mural depicts Texas’ seasonal wildflowers in bloom and a honeycomb honoring the city of Bee Cave. It was created with 40,470 individually hand-placed, vibrantly hued, glass tiles that create a pixelated effect where the image comes more into focus when viewed from further away.