Student Exhibition in Italy

Exciting International Opportunity for Young Student Artists! An exciting project has come to the Bee Cave Arts Foundation by way of a contact from Italy! We are partnering with the people of Paestum, Italy to do an art collaboration and exchange that will feature student art from our area.

The first step in our collaboration.
A creative group in Paestum juried our annual member exhibit and invited Foundation members to Paestum to present awards to the winning artists.

The second phase involves our young student artists!
Selected student artwork will be a permanent part of a memorial sculpture commemorating one of the most important turning points in history. The theme of the student artwork, inspired by peace, brotherhood, freedom, democracy, tolerance, or inclusion will commemorate the American troops who lost their lives while aiding the liberation of Europe from the Nazi regime in World War II.

The sculpture, including the winning student(s) work, will be celebrated in Paestum on September 9, 2023. All school districts and teachers are encouraged to participate in this exciting project. The Bee Cave Arts Foundation is coordinating submissions of the student work and hosting a local exhibition before the Italian exhibition.

CLICK HERE to view and download the project flyer

The History

On the same beach where American troops of the 36th “Texas” Infantry Division first set foot on the European continent during WWII, a great sculpture will rise in memory of all young Texans who gave their lives to defend the liberty of a land that was not theirs.

Art can create an effective bridge with the past, capable of making us relive forever the courage, sacrifice and heroism of those days.

Franco Palmentieri has been commissioned to create the 30-foot sculpture and he plans to embed color ceramic tiles of American and Italian student art into the permanent sculpture.